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Private Jet Cost

Often people message inquiring about the price of the charter. But it is not an easy question to give a straightforward answer to. It depends on many factors.

Private Jet Costs

First of all we never give "hypothetical" replies, they can be far away from truth.

We connect with real operators, see their availability, they calculate positioning, we take into consideration empty legs and all other expenses such as catering and paperwork, everything is included into our pricing except for the de-icing, which is necessary on a rare occasion seasonally, but that is the only thing billed extra, if it is needed. 

The amount of passengers is also important. 

When you place a request we search for something "real" and make a few options to choose from. We usually provide pictures upon request, YOM (year of manufacture) of the jet, origin of the jet and the amount of seats. Obviously, the price is not per seat, sometimes just two people choose a transatlantic journey. But if extra people are to be added, the operators charge extra because of the catering and the service. 

Origin of the jet is very important. Not only the positioning is influenced (the price to bring jet to the location requested), but also the quality of the service. 

We try to avoid stereotypes and racist attitudes for sure, there are good people loving their job all over the world. But the quality standard by German operators or French or Turkish will be different, we need to be aware. Every operator brings its special flavor, special touch, special love. 

To be honest, we as brokers, have "black lists" of operators, someone we avoid working with. They can be super cheap, the quality will be so pathetic, we do not want to risk our reputation. 

Our company is Germany-based, but we work with global operators around the world, we provide service in multiple languages (включая русский)

We value quality and care. In this world of consumerism, we want our clients to feel love and support and genuine joy. 

Catering is usually included into the price of the charter.
Operator is responsible for organizing the high quality service here. If we choose a "greedy" operator, he will be cutting costs on catering. But we always want to make sure the client truly enjoys his journey. 

It is not the last minute airport food we expect, but the high quality VIP restaurant offerings. 


For this reason when the client is placing a booking we always ask the catering preferences and order something suitable for this particular request to make sure it is not only the high quality but also a good variety. 

As a broker we take care of many "invisible details", to prioritize the comfort and security of our clients. 

Let me know what your questions and doubts are, I will be happy to support you. 

Your Sales Manager 
Viktoria Kshevinskaya

WhatsApp+62 812 390 170 87

Dear operators, 
You can email us your empty legs to be published in our Telegram Channel.

Dear Clients, 
You are welcome to explore our offerings and place the booking. 


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