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How much does a private charter flight cost?

The price depends on your individual travel requirements. In general the costs are determined by your choice of plane type and the flight distance.

To get an initial idea of the price, please complete our online form on the start page or contact one of our consultants.

After your trip is defined in detail, we will compile a binding and transparent cost quotation and send it to you by fax or e-mail.

The respective price includes all costs incurred.

In some rare cases the plane has to be de-iced in winter for safety reasons. Unfortunately, we have to charge extra for this.

How do I pay for my flight?

Payments can be made by bank transfer or by credit card (MasterCard, VISA, American Express). Please note that we levy a charge of 5 % on credit card payments.

Invoices are issued in Euro, US dollars, GB pounds or Swiss Francs.

All payments must be received before the flight takes place.

When can I book my private charter flight?

The booking can be made at very short notice - even within a few hours - provided that the departure airport and / or destination are not all too exotic (some countries demand time-consuming compliance with certain bureaucratic regulations).

We recommend that you book at least a few days in advance to ensure a greater choice of aircraft types. This allows us to fulfill all of your travel requirements at the most favourable price.

In principle: the sooner the better!

How do I book my private charter flight?

After your travel data have been specified, we will send you a charter contract by e-mail (WORD file) or fax.

The contract contains all of the relevant information regarding your flight, e.g. route sketches, meeting point, aircraft description, crew etc.

Your flight is confirmed as soon as we receive the contract signed by you.

Can I change my booking?

In principle you can change any booking at any time - right up to changing the route when you are already in the air!

In the case of major deviations from your original booking, there may be additional costs, which will be charged separately, needless to say on the basis of the actual costs incurred.

What happens if I miss my private charter flight?

You can't miss it, because it is your flight!

Crew and aircraft are waiting for you. It is recommended, however, to call your Aviation Broker consultant and/or the crew to let them know what is going on.

Depending on the air traffic situation, there may be further delays before the plane can take off. Usually, any such delays are caught up during the flight.

If you are late by a number of hours, this may lead to additional charges.

Which type of aircraft are available?

From the helicopter or single-engine sports plane, to the Lear or Heavy Jet, right up to the Airliner - you can choose the plane most suited to your needs from well over 100 types of aircraft.

Which departure and arrival airports can I choose?

As a globally operating company we offer private charter flights from and to every licensed airport in the world.

With over 11,000 airports you can be sure that we will bring you exactly where you want to go. However, you must take account of the fact that not every airport can accommodate every type of aircraft.

What is the procedure at the departure and arrival airports?

We will send you detailed information material regarding your trip, e.g. route maps, meeting points, telephone numbers of the crew etc.

Someone will be waiting for you at the meeting point. After that, everything will be taken care of.

At the destination airport you will be accompanied to the terminal, where you receive your luggage. 

On request, we can,  of course, organise a limousine service to the departure and arrival airports.

Are there toilets on board?

Small jets, small turboprops and helicopters often have only restricted toilet facilities or none at all. We will be glad to discuss this with you in the course of your booking.

Can I take my dog or my pet parrot with me?

Yes, of course you can take a pet. Please let us know of this, however, as soon as possible so that we can select a suitable type of aircraft for you.

Are private charter flights safe?

Aviation-Broker ensures that

  • your aircraft conforms with all of the international safety standards
  • your aircraft is maintained in accordance with the relevant guidelines
  • your aircraft is comprehensively insured.
  • the airline has a valid aviation operator certificate
  • the pilots have all of the necessary licenses and flight experience
  • all of the regulations prescribed by the aviation supervisory authorities are strictly adhered to.

What is the composition of the crew?

The composition of the crew is determined in accordance with the safety regulations primarily by the type of aircraft chartered. There is usually a pilot and co-pilot on board .

Smaller planes are often manned by only one pilot. Aviation-Broker always books a co-pilot even where this is not legally stipulated.

Helicopters and sport planes are the exception to this rule.

On planes as of 20 seats a steward(ess) is provided regardless of the number of passengers. You can, of course, also book this service for smaller planes.

What kind of Catering can I have out of Moscow?

Depending on aircraft size - you might chose a tailormade Catering.

If you have any further questions, please contact our service team who are at your disposal round the clock for 365 days a year.

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We are member of EBAA and RUBAA and in cooperation with Argus our main focus is on your safety.



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