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Air travel in your own private jet is becoming increasingly popular. Companies, entrepreneurs, public figures and celebrities as well as private individuals appreciate the advantages of flying in their own plane compared to regular scheduled flights. Individual, flexible, fast and at the best possible price, travellers can reach almost any destination in the world with a rented jet. What types of air charter flights are there and what do you need to consider when booking? What does the Aircraft Charter Service cost? We give you an overview.


Private jets are very trendy and are used more and more often. Busy entrepreneurs, board members and managers, public figures, internationally travelling celebrities, politicians and private individuals are travelling with private jets. But it does not always have to be your own private jet. In many cases, renting a business aircraft can be the more sensible way to travel. Air Charter Services and Air Charter Flights are versatile, offer a lot of practical advantages over scheduled flights and can be used for special occasions such as an ambulance flight, a business trip in an executive jet, a cargo charter or simply "just for fun" as a holiday flight. A private jet can also be an option as a group charter for business delegations and sports teams if, for example, the tour operator cannot provide the necessary seating capacity.

Currently, more than 4000 aircraft are available for so-called on-demand air transport, which also includes air charter flights. You can choose from this pool of aircraft at Aviation Broker. With our support you are guaranteed to find the right flight for your individual needs.

Difference between a charter flight and a scheduled flight

Especially the time saving and better timing is a decisive factor for many passengers of private jets to choose an air charter flight. A comparison between an air charter flight and a scheduled flight makes the advantages clear: While scheduled flights are based on a fixed schedule of the respective airline, which you first have to deal with and which also has to match your personal travel planning, companies and private individuals can completely tailor the flight in a private jet to their needs. The flight takes place exactly on the desired date, saves a lot of valuable time at the airport and also offers a much cheaper choice of destination, as the business jets can also fly to smaller airports and even rural runways.

The time saved and the right timing are probably one of the most important factors when choosing a private jet, as the additional time spent checking in at the airport can also be saved to a large extent. Almost every destination in the world can be reached at short notice with an air charter flight in a private jet. Last minute flights can also be organised up to a few hours before departure. Many of these advantages are unthinkable with scheduled flights. In addition to these advantages, private jets meet the highest standards of safety, luxury, comfort and service. On request, catering with gourmet cuisine is even available as a service. As a rule, the amenities on air charter flights far exceed First Class on scheduled flights. With Aviation Broker you can book these advantages of Airplane Charter at the best possible price. Private charter flights make it possible to use private aircraft without having to pay the expensive acquisition costs, which ultimately ensures cheap flights in a private Learjet.

Private Air Charter: individual and flexible service tailored to your needs    

With the Air Charter Service of Aviation Broker you can reach any destination in the world at your own desired time. You can always book the right flight with us. Fly alone to an important event, with your family for a well-deserved holiday or with the company's management team for a business appointment. You can plan your own personal journey independently of the timetables and capacities of the scheduled airlines. In addition, you are independent of the major airports and not dependent on them, so that smaller airports in the immediate vicinity of your destination can also be approached.

Particularly worth mentioning is the great flexibility of Private Air Charter. The aircraft does not take off according to the flight schedule, but when you consider it appropriate. Changes to the flight schedule are possible at any time. Even if the aircraft is already in the air, you can decide to make another stopover - for example to pick up another business partner. However, air charter services are also subject to external factors such as weather conditions and airport capacity, which can affect your travel plans. Please let us know your wishes for your air charter flights as early as possible so that we can arrange everything to your satisfaction.

Our air charter service starts right at your front door. We will plan your very personal and individual flight trip and, if you wish, we can also organize the transfer from your home or company to the airport with a limousine service or a helicopter flight. Of course we can also make appropriate arrangements for you at your destination. The competent and friendly experts at Aviation Broker can advise you at any time when planning your individual trip.

Air charter flights: a competitive advantage for business travellers

Especially in business every minute counts and time is money. Business flights to distant countries are the daily business in many companies. That is why air charter flights are a worthwhile alternative to scheduled flights, especially for business travellers. They are flexible and discreet, allow for individual travel and can really pay off as a competitive advantage. Aviation Broker offers flights to almost every destination worldwide. Especially if the destination of your business trip is not close to a large international airport, you can benefit by using air charter flights, which can also fly to smaller airports. You can fly with us regularly on fixed routes or spontaneously use last minute offers such as Empty Leg flights. For example, if you fly several charter flights per month on a particular route in Europe, you can benefit from Air Charter Europe and reach many short-haul destinations quickly and flexibly with your own private jet. In contrast to scheduled flights, a great deal of time can be saved, which can be a real competitive advantage in some industries. In addition, business travellers in private jets can work undisturbed and even hold conferences, so that flight times are used optimally and therefore no valuable time is wasted on Air Charter flights in business jets. During your flight, you will receive every conceivable comfort you could wish for on a business trip in our narrow-body and wide-body aircraft. You fly with the people you want to have on board and enjoy the in-flight service and catering you expect. You tell us what you want - a personal Aviation Broker account manager will take care of the rest and also obtain all the necessary permits.

What machines are available for air charter flights?

At Aviation Broker you have the choice from a large pool of private jets, which you can charter including the captain and the copilot. You have the choice between helicopters, small propeller aircraft, light jets, midsize jets, heavy jets such as VIP and executive jets as well as narrow fuselage aircraft, regional jet airliners and the highest luxury class - the VIP Airliners. The aircraft classes are divided as follows:

  • Helicopter
  • Turboprops
  • Very Light Jets
  • Light Jets
  • Midsize Jets
  • Heavy Jets
  • Airliner
  • VIP Airliner

In each of these categories, Aviation Broker has access to a variety of aircraft that you can use within your budget and travel preferences. The most important aircraft models include the private jets of Cessna, Hawker Beechcraft, Gulfstream Aerospace, Bombardier Aerospace, Dassault Aviation, Embraer and several other providers, all of which can be rented through Aviation Broker. This makes turboprops particularly suitable for short distances between 1,300 and a maximum of 3,300 kilometers. Up to ten people can be transported here. Above this are the Very Light Jets and the Light Jets, which can carry up to nine passengers and fly up to 3,600 kilometres. This category includes many aircraft of the Cessna Citation series.

In the mid-size jet segment, the flight can go a little further: up to 6,000 kilometers are possible. Midsize private jets include the Bombardier Challenger and the Embraer Legacy. The next higher class are the heavy jets, which have a range of up to 12,500 kilometers and can reach almost any destination on the globe. This category includes, for example, the coveted Bombardier Global Series and the top model Gulfstream Gulfstream G550. Above these aircraft, which are frequently used in the private sector and as executive jets and business jets, are VIP airliners such as the Airbus A320 Prestige or the Boeing 737-300 VIP, which belong to the absolute upper class of private jets and business jets.

A small selection of aircraft at Aviation Broker

  • Hawker Beechkraft King Air
  • Embraer Phenom
  • Bombardier Learjet
  • Cessna Citation
  • Bombardier Challenger
  • Embraer Legacy
  • Bombardier Global
  • Dassault Falcon
  • Gulfstream Gulfstream
  • Airbus A320 VIP
  • Boeing 737-300 VIP

Financial advantages: How much do air charter flights cost?

Air charter flights have the big advantage of the well calculable costs compared to buying your own private jet or company jet. While a private jet that you buy yourself needs pilots and maintenance in addition to the purchase costs and thus costs a lot of money arithmetically if it is not used, the prices for chartered private jets are manageable. Companies can therefore calculate their budget for a private jet relatively easily. The exact prices depend on the chosen route, the resulting flight time and the aircraft model. Prices for the smallest jets start at 1,800 euros per hour and go up to 6,500 euros per hour for the large heavy jets. The prices of the airliners go even higher. You can obtain more detailed price details from us on request. In addition to the prices per hour, there are additional fees such as take-off and landing fees of the airports.  

Especially for companies and all travelers who are on the road due to their business activities and therefore want to charter a private jet also from an economic point of view, the calculation per flight hour is a great help to determine the appropriate flight allotment based on your budget. This way, a company can secure about 100 flight hours per year with a certain jet or, alternatively, select a different, most suitable business jet for each purpose, thus reducing costs even further in many cases.

Conclusion: Air charter flights offer many advantages on numerous occasions

Air charter flights offer various advantages compared to conventional scheduled flights and also compared to the purchase of your own private jet, which you can use as a business traveller in a business jet, as a delegation or sports team and also as a private person on the way to your holiday. There are also many other uses for helicopters and private jets. For example, with our selection of small special aircraft and larger heavy jets, urgent rescue flights as ambulance flights are also possible worldwide. In addition, the delivery of a wide variety of deliveries such as urgent parcels is also conceivable. Freight in all conceivable sizes can be transported. Due to our comprehensive selection of cargo aircraft, we can also transport oversized cargo.

Whatever your needs, Aviation Broker is sure to have the right aircraft for you. From efficient turboprops to Learjets, luxurious heavy jets and VIP airliners with the highest level of comfort, you can rent any aircraft imaginable from us and enjoy the numerous benefits of private air charter flights. Let our friendly experts advise you individually at any time.

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