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Corona: Private aircraft charter and stay mobile

The novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, which can cause the dangerous lung disease CoVid-19, has not only triggered a worldwide pandemic, but has also brought global scheduled air traffic to a standstill in many places. Business travellers, holidaymakers and frequent flyers are stuck at many destinations and have to resort to the few scheduled flights that are still operating. However, flights in private jets can still be organised promptly and flexibly in many cases - the special wishes of the passengers can be taken into account individually. Anyone wishing to charter a private aircraft in times of Corona and remain mobile despite worldwide air traffic restrictions can obtain advice from the experts at Aviation Broker and receive a personalized offer. 

The coronavirus pandemic is currently keeping the whole world in suspense. The virus, which first appeared in December in the Chinese city of Wuhan and causes the dangerous lung disease CoVid-19, has now spread around the world. Especially in the early days, the virus spread rapidly via scheduled flights from the crisis region through the hubs of the major international airports around the globe. Since it has become clear that the outbreak is not a regionally limited situation but a worldwide pandemic, the demand for private jets of all sizes has increased rapidly. Initially, many travellers wanted to keep their families safe and used small planes instead of travelling with several hundred people on board a wide-bodied aircraft. Travelers could and can rely on the special private aircraft hygiene in business jets. In the meantime, the demand for charter planes for a wide range of purposes has increased considerably. 

Spread of the coronavirus causes restrictions in air traffic

Since the crisis has taken on global proportions, private flights have increasingly been used to transport medical equipment, as the equipment can be brought to its destination in a private jet with great precision and flexibility in the event of a pandemic. Different types and sizes of aircraft can be used depending on the volume of cargo. In this way, private jets participate in aid measures in the fight against corona and can make a sustainable contribution to containing the epidemic. While initially only one or two scheduled flights were cancelled and only sporadic passengers were quarantined, there are now severe cuts in air traffic and freedom of movement in many countries. With the worsening of the coronavirus pandemic at the end of March 2020, international scheduled air traffic has been largely suspended - even the world's largest and best-known airlines have in some cases had to completely interrupt their passenger operations and now only operate cargo flights. The German Foreign Office has issued a worldwide travel warning for the first time and strongly advises against unnecessary travel. Many travellers are therefore asking themselves: Can I charter an aircraft in times of Corona to carry out my business trip or holiday? Currently, this question can only be answered in individual cases in a personal conversation with one of our experts at Aviation Broker - get advice now! 

Overview: fly privately in times of Corona 

  • due to the worldwide spread of the coronavirus, many countries have imposed entry bans and many flights have been temporarily suspended 
  • in addition, in scheduled operations with hundreds of passengers, wide-bodied aircraft can be very unhygienic compared to private jets and can carry the spread of viruses and bacteria 
  • anyone who has to or wants to travel for private or business urgent reasons can rent a private aircraft from Aviation Broker in times of Corona
  • our experts will be happy to advise you on which routes you can currently book and provide you with up-to-date information on the situation 

Fewer points of contact: Advantages of flying in a private jet 

Travel by private jet has been in particularly high demand since the beginning of the corona crisis. Many passengers believe that they can reduce their risk of infection by flying in a private jet instead of a scheduled flight. Of course, the risk of infection with the corona virus in a charter jet cannot be completely ruled out - as with all other means of transport. Nevertheless, it can be stated that passengers on a conventional scheduled flight are exposed to several hundred situations in which they come very close to fellow passengers, airport staff or the crew of the aircraft. This can hardly be avoided, if only because of the infrastructure of airports and the narrowness of conventional passenger aircraft. Anyone who has a Business Jet, can enjoy various advantages: 

  • the passenger can determine the fellow passengers in his private jet 
  • handling takes place in a separate terminal, which is much less frequented 
  • the check-in can be done much faster
  • Pilots are very often subjected to medical checks during private flights 
  • the cleaning of the charter planes is carried out according to the highest standards 
  • On average, there are less than two dozen points of contact with other people on business jet flights, which is up to 97 percent fewer contacts than on scheduled flights 

Many travelers - especially business travelers - who also depend on mobility in times of the coronavirus pandemic are now increasingly opting for the exclusive way of flying in a private jet. Those who want to fly now and attach great importance to avoiding as many contacts as possible during the trip create optimal conditions by flying in a charter jet. 

Corona: Flying in a private jet is possible depending on the country and the route 

A flight in a private jet is still possible, depending on the country and route. Flights within Germany can still be operated. In addition, all destinations with little or no entry restrictions can be reached. Many routes can, however, according to the current status, only be operated to a limited extent or not at all. These include the USA and Singapore, for example, which have currently (as of March 2020) imposed an entry ban on citizens of other countries. If you are a citizen of the respective destination country, travel by private jet can of course still be arranged. Whether or not a flight can take place must be checked by the experts of Aviation Broker on a case-by-case basis. We will do everything possible to make the desired flight possible and arrange everything according to your individual wishes. For flight routes that cannot currently take place, we will always try to find suitable alternatives. 

Private flights during the Corona crisis: aircraft and prices 

In principle, all aircraft models are available even during the corona crisis. Only the flight routes are dependent on the regulations of individual states and may vary due to the dynamic development of the crisis situation. Passengers can still take advantage of our comprehensive portfolio of turbo props, light jets, midsize jets, heavy jets, airliners and helicopters. We offer current aircraft models of the established manufacturers such as the Hawker Beechcraft, Cessna Citation, Bombardier Learjet, Embraer Legacy, Bombardier Challenger, the Gulfstream Gulfstream and many other models that can be chartered according to your individual wishes, preferences and based on your budget. Rental prices vary according to aircraft model and route. For example, a domestic flight from Hamburg to Munich and back can be booked from as little as 8,165 euros plus fees. A flight within Europe, for example, costs from 10,292 euros round trip. A transcontinental flight can be booked from 73,830 euros for both routes. The prices quoted are only selected price examples. The cost of the trip varies depending on the departure airport and the model of the aircraft. 

Existing scheduled flights can often be cancelled or rebooked 

During the Corona crisis, many passengers resort to a private jet for the first time. Their original scheduled flights were cancelled or had to be cancelled by passengers for a variety of reasons. It is true that travellers can currently rebook their flights free of charge with many airlines, particularly in the event of cancellations during these exceptional circumstances. Most airlines are currently offering very accommodating conditions. However, in the foreseeable future, i.e. the coming weeks and months, many scheduled flights are likely to be cancelled and large parts of the fleets will remain on the ground. It is currently not yet possible to predict when scheduled flight operations will return to normal. Postponing existing bookings is therefore still a gamble. Under certain circumstances, however, it can make sense to rebook the flight at relatively short notice, around a fortnight before departure - but only if it is foreseeable that flights will take place again during this period. However, as long as the situation remains dynamic and confusing, flying in a private jet is the first choice on many routes when traveling on an individual basis - both business travelers and private passengers can benefit from charter flights in their own jet in the current crisis. 

Conclusion - Flying in times of Corona: chartering private aircraft and continuing to travel? 

During the current corona virus outbreak, private jets can be a useful support in the fight against the virus - different aircraft models from the various categories can be used to transport both passengers and products. The corona crisis will continue to keep the world, and aviation in particular, firmly in its grip. In general, experts such as the German Robert Koch Institute and the World Health Organization (WHO) expect that there could be many different cuts in people's lives over a period of one to two years. In particular, restrictions are likely to continue to apply to international scheduled flights, as the frequently used passenger aircraft sometimes have several hundred passengers sitting in cramped conditions and the risk of infection is correspondingly higher in the aircraft. 

In comparison, a flight in a private jet offers significantly fewer points of contact with other people, which can significantly reduce the probability of infection. Individuals and families have recently been requesting private jets more frequently in order to reduce their risk of infection compared to a scheduled flight. In addition, many large airlines have currently (as of March 2020) reduced their passenger operations and in some cases even completely stopped them. As a result, some routes are now only being served with makeshift aircraft or no longer at all. Of course, the currently valid restrictions also affect routes that can be flown with private aircraft. Countries that have imposed entry restrictions and bans on foreign citizens can currently not be served by a charter jet, or only in very well justified exceptional cases. 

Let the experts at Aviation Broker advise you individually on your travel wishes. We can advise you on a daily basis and on the basis of the latest developments in this dynamic situation, show you current travel possibilities or, if necessary, offer alternatives - this way you can remain mobile even in these challenging times. 

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