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Business jet charter: maximum flexibility for the next business trip

For entrepreneurs, managers and executives, business jets are an important way to reach many destinations worldwide in a flexible, discreet and cost-efficient way. A trip in a private aircraft offers far more advantages than just flying in particular comfort. Independence of time and place, prestige and image cultivation as well as an attractive cost structure make flying in one's own jet so attractive for companies. Aviation Broker provides you with the right executive jet for every occasion and purpose of travel. How can you rent a business jet and what models are available? We give you an overview.

Business Air Charter is the trend among companies. Whereas in the past, companies often purchased one or more of their own company planes and were often characterized by expensive standing times on the ground, nowadays individually adaptable options are used to charter a business aircraft. From a single flight to multi-stops and entire flight contingents, there are flexible options when renting a business aircraft. Business jet charter allows companies to use flexibility, discretion and cost efficiency to bring the company's board of directors, key managers or even entire delegations comfortably and quickly to almost any location in the world. There are currently 4143 aircraft available in Europe that can be used as business jets. You can choose your aircraft from this pool of jets.

Because companies enjoy many advantages when they rent a business jet. They can travel worldwide with almost no restrictions, without having to worry about scheduled flight schedules and reach destinations that are not served by most airlines. Managers, entrepreneurs and executives who use an executive jet also benefit from the prestige of their own aircraft when they fly together with business partners or visit customers in a private jet. To enjoy the benefits of this type of travel, companies have long since ceased to have to purchase their own aircraft. Thanks to flexible new charter models, it is possible to rent a business jet while staying within your own budget. Aviation Broker will advise you individually on a tailor-made business jet charter. 

Overview: How to rent a business jet

  • On the Aviation Broker website, enter the departure airport, destination airport and travel dates in the search mask and start the search
  • select the desired aircraft at the right price
  • Send request for business jet rental to Aviation Broker
  • a member of our staff will contact you immediately 
  • afterwards you only need to send the order confirmation back to us and, if you wish, fly off after a few hours 

How the Business Jet Charter works

To rent a business jet, all you need to do is enter the departure airport, destination airport and travel date in the online aircraft price query on the Aviation Broker website. You also have the choice of flying just one way, there and back, or even making several stops on your journey. After entering your data, you will be presented with a selection of private aircraft that match your route planning. You can now select the appropriate model based on your budget and send us your travel request directly. On request, you can also obtain larger flight contingents at attractive conditions from us.

A friendly service employee of Aviation Broker will contact you immediately after your request. Based on your pre-selection, we will advise you individually and purposefully in order to arrange the suitable business jet at the best possible price. If you are satisfied with all modalities, you only need to send back the order confirmation. If you wish, your business jet can be ready for operation within a few hours. Of course you can also combine the booking of a business jet with a helicopter flight - for example from the company premises to the airport or at the destination to the hotel. Let us also advise you on this.

Aircraft classes: the right jet for every occasion

In the area of business aircrafts, travellers have the choice between different aircraft classes, which can be selected according to the flight route, the number of fellow travellers and the comfort wishes of the passengers. The smallest category is the turboprops, small propeller aircraft that can reach destinations of up to 3,000 kilometres in distance and can accommodate between three and eleven passengers. The next higher category is the Very Light Jets, which have a range of up to 2,400 kilometres and up to six seats. These are very cost-efficient compared to aircraft in higher categories. They are followed by the light jets, which can seat up to nine passengers and can already fly up to 3,600 kilometres. They are therefore also suitable for shorter medium-haul flights.

Above the light jets are the midsize jets, which already belong to the typical category of smaller business jets and are often chosen when companies rent a business jet. These aircraft offer a range of up to 6,000 kilometres and space for up to 15 passengers. Above this is the class of heavy jets, with which up to 14 people can fly to destinations worldwide. Above the heavy jets are the airliners and VIP airliners, which are the well-known large Airbus and Boeing models and are suitable for worldwide use by executives and entire delegations.

The most popular business jet models

Having their own aircraft is the ideal opportunity for companies to act quickly and globally while embodying the image of success at all times. But not all private jets are the same. While small propeller aircraft such as those from Hawker Beechcraft and Cessna are more practical and cost-effective, the mid-size jets and heavy jets from Gulfstream Aerospace, Bombardier Aerospace, Dassault Aviation, Embraer and a few other manufacturers offer luxury and comfort even on the longest routes.

With a business aircraft you can reach practically any place around the globe at any time. While the Learjets are very comfortable in the smaller light jets, the large jets are generally hard to beat in terms of amenities. The Bombardier Global Series, powered by Rolls Royce engines for worldwide operation, is particularly noteworthy here. The Global Express and Global 5000 to 7000 models offer all the conveniences that corporate executives desire when travelling.  

A selection of the most popular business jets

  • Bombardier Challenger 300
  • Bombardier Global 5000
  • Bombardier Global 7000
  • Dassault Falcon 5X
  • Dassault Falcon 7X
  • Dassault Falcon 8X
  • Embraer Phenom 300
  • Embraer Legacy 600
  • Gulfstream G500
  • Gulfstream G650

Comfort and board service remain important criteria

In spite of all the calculations and costs involved, luxury, comfort and service should not be neglected on a flight in a business jet.

Especially those who want to create a pleasant atmosphere for business partners travelling with them or who want to relax before an important meeting on the flight, can draw on the full range of amenities. Executive Jets can be equipped with a conference table, lounge with modern entertainment electronics, separate bedroom and spacious bathroom. In addition, a professionally trained crew looks after the well-being of the passengers during the entire flight. If desired, a selected gourmet kitchen can also be chosen for the catering.

Especially on board the heavy jets and VIP airliners there is no lack of amenities during the entire flight. In addition, the business jets that you can rent from Aviation Broker are among the safest aircraft you can fly with. So you can always relax on board with us and rent the business jet that fully meets your requirements from Aviation Broker.  

Conclusion on char a business jet: many advantages of charter over purchase  

Chartering aircraft in the business aviation sector is one of the most popular ways to travel in a private jet. Because chartering a business jet has a decisive advantage: for companies, the costs remain calculable and transparent at all times. When a company buys an aircraft, it always runs the risk of not using the aircraft to its full capacity and thus causing unnecessary costs. A business jet charter, on the other hand, can be used selectively as required. It is also possible to make an individual agreement and, for example, book a certain contingent of flight hours in advance.

Renting an aircraft also offers the advantage that the right aircraft model can be used for each trip. If, for example, small and remote airports are to be approached, it often makes sense to prefer turboprops or light jets to large business aircraft. Ambulance flights for important executives are also conceivable worldwide.

Aviation Broker has the right private jet for every occasion and every purpose. With us you can rent a business jet within your budget and benefit from our years of expertise in the field of business aviation.

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