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About Central Business Jets

Founded in 1984 as an independent company, Central Business Jets is sought after by Fortune 500 companies to multi-national firms to individuals for its expertise in client representation of a business jet sale and/or acquisition. Their experience spans virtually every business jet type and they have completed transactions in North & South America, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Latin American, and Asia.

Why Central Business Jets?

Sales & acquisition Experience that Counts and an approach that Educates our Clients while getting them Results.

Experience that Counts.

The only way to get that experience & knowledge is by decades of managing transactions…a lot of transactions. Central Business Jets has grown to annually represent over $300,000,000 in business jet transactions NEW & PRE-OWNED. In addition, we have accomplished a number of “first ever” transactions. Some of the most recent are:

  • First firm to represent the acquisition of a pre-owned Gulfstream V SN523
  • First firm to represent the sale of a pre-owned Gulfstream 200 SN04
  • First Firm to represent the sale of a pre-owned Falcon 2000EX EASY SN028
  • First firm to represent the largest private ownership acquisition of new Dassault Falcons; One DA900DX EASy, Two DA900EX EASy, & One DA7X

Educating our Clients.

Together, we create a definitive business strategy which clearly helps define the objective.  Hence, an informed client is one whose confidence level is elevated to a point where correct decisions are made with ease.  You can be rest assured we will facilitate all “99 STEPS” of each transaction with open client communications. Furthermore, most of CBJ’s clients would welcome your call to discuss their experiences.

The Result – Highly Satisfied Clients.

The Central Business Jets Team works extremely hard which is further demonstrated by the length of our relationships with clients who look to us for exclusive representation. CBJ is extremely confidential and respectful of whom their clientele is; they may even be someone you’re familiar with.

The Benefits of A Midwestern Firm.

Buyers and Sellers don’t congregate at any one specific location.  The Twin Cities is one of the 20 busiest airports in the world and is a central aviation hub.  Equally as important, there is the educated, talented workforce with resources and a business dynamics that draw 143 of the Fortune 500 to this region.

A TOOL SET Only available from Central Business Jets, Inc.

Central Business Jets researches and produces nearly all of its own data to give our clients the complete picture. We believe that in order to be the leader in the industry, innovation is an intracle part. We have often felt that third party information can be unreliable. 

  • JetTrack®: Timing, facts, & accuracy matters… Developed in 1987, this U.S. trademarked program tracks pricing & transaction history on a daily basis for every type of business jet by make, model & serial number. JetTrack® provides a precise basis for valuation & timing of the market, price strategy to aid in a sale, & facilitates type-to-type market comparisons to aid in purchasing.
  • JetCost©: We want our clients to fully understand the costs involved in aircraft ownership. This proprietary database includes a break down of maintenance and fuel costs forecasted over a 12 year/4800 hour period.  JetCost© data is researched directly from the experiences of aircraft operators and maintenance facilities around the world.
  • CEO Sheet©: Where do you start when determining which aircraft? We’ve simplified this process with our colorful “CEO” sheet. This common sense, plain-language tool enables decision makers to see a one page executive summary about a particular type of business jet. Flight departments also rely on the information to help support their recommendations.
  • Corporate Survey©: Our survey has become a powerful tool when it comes to evaluating current and future corporate plans. The survey is presented in a non-technical format to help our customers simplify the process.
  • Performance & Mission Analysis©: This tool provides “real life experience” analysis on aircraft performance relative to mission criteria for purchase planning.
  • In-House Library: From our exclusive information, we can also offer: news releases, factory brochures, flight performance specifics, maintenance notes and industry articles. Just ask us.

These tools are the result of decades of experience with virtually every business jet product line and our philosophy as a consultant to our clients is that an educated customer is vital to a successful transaction.

Strong Partners

We are member of EBAA and RUBAA and in cooperation with Argus our main focus is on your safety.


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